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    Welcome to Lighthouse Afterschool! We provide a safe and enjoyable place for our kids to transition from school to home. 

    When homework is done we then make sure our kids have time to socialize, have fun and work together on their project! We are using Project-Based-learning inspired by Montessori to help prepare our kids for the real world. 

        We have been teaching our kids about positive discipline to give them a very strong tool for problem solving. This helps strengthen empathy skills, teaches healthy communication and most importantly gives the kids a way to solve their own problems! The more we get to practice and use Positive discipline solutions, the less kids need to rely on the adults in their lives for every small problem they have!

    We offer services to pick up our children from school and bring them to us. We work closely with our local schools and know when days off are coming. Lighthouse offers full day camps for your kids to enjoy when they have the day off but you don't! 

    We always try to take our kids input on everything we do so that they get to help us make a better program for them! Many of our children have been with us for years and keep coming back. We are a family here at Lighthouse and its our hope to help guide your children into a bright future!

"Lighthouse has been a wonderful afterschool center for our family. Our two children love the teachers and the program. There are many days when our kids do not want to leave when we pick them up! The staff is caring and nurturing and we as parents definitely feel peace of mind sending our children here.  The option of transportation from school has been very helpful for our family. The camps held during school breaks are convenient for working parents and so fun for the kids."


-Parents of 1st grade boy and 5th grade girl

"@@@@ is very happy to be at Lighthouse academy,  she loves it there.   She joined when she was in kinder.   Some  Teachers she has had were very good.  They help in homework and facility is very good,  clean and huge play area that she loves.  Healthy  Snacks are provided and kids are cared.  Even summer camps are well planned.



-Parents of 3rd grade girl

"I've tried multiple after school programs and by far Lighthouse has been the greatest after school program that my son and daughter have been to. My son has been there for about 5 years now and my daughter 3 years. Lighthouse offers a variety of activities that my kids really enjoyed, from library trips to art and crafts. Through the years, Lighthouse continues to make changes to improve the programs and facility. The staff are really awesome, I am thankful that Ms. Teresa always able to find great individuals. My son had some difficulties but all the teachers have been very patient and caring. The facility is clean and the extended hour really helped with my long commutes. I can't say enough about Lighthouse and I am very grateful to them for the care they provided for my kids. Thank you!! "

-Parents of 4th grade boy

Preschool / Kindergarten Director Mrs. Barbara (408) 238-2938
Executive Director / Afterschool Director  Ms. Teresa 408-396-1654
3695 Rose Terrasse Circle, San Jose CA 95148
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